Japan Tours


Here are some unique tours we recommend in Japan. Each tour can be customized to your interest according to your budget. Contact us and we can plan for more exciting trip to Japan!

7 Days Private World Heritage Guided Tour: Mt Hiei, Mt Koya, Kyoto, Nara

This private guided tour leaves from Portland, OR to Japan. $1,950 / person (min 2 travelers) exculdes the airfare.

- Staying at Zen temple (Shukubo) in Mt. Koya and Mt. Hiei.

- Experience zazen, syakei and taste vegetarian meals.

- Hike or take cable cars to reach the mountains.

- Visit many temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara.

Sake and Gourmet Tour

Visit regions (Fushimi Kyoto, Sanin Hiroshima, Niigata or Hokkaido) that are known for producing exceptional sake. You will tour the breweries; accompanied with sake tasting and a gourmet lunch. You will also experience the Japanese Izakaya scene. There will be prominent brewery festivals in the fall or spring.

Zen Culture Tour

You will visit a temple and experience the Zazen Zen meditation, followed by an English speaking tour of the temple treasures and garden. Shukubo temple lodging is available to feel the culture and history of Japan. It includes Zazen, a Japanese garden and shojin vegetarian meals.

Pop Culture Anime Tour

You will visit the center of pop culture in Tokyo; Akihabara Tokyo Anime Center & Shopping in Akihabara, Nakano Broadway, Harajuku, Hello Kitty and Ghibli museum etc. There is a Tokyo Anime World event in March each year.

Sapporo Snow Festival Tour

Follow the team USA Oregon from Portland Oregon and experience the festivity of the Sapporo Snow Festival. A once in a life time experience!

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